The old CNC machining you used to know has changed. Plus, the manufacturing process has changed, and so do the tools used in CNC machining. One of the things that came with revolution is CNC software programs, such as Easel CNC software.

How CNC Software Works

CAD (computer-aided design) software creates a 3D solid model or 2D drawing of the parts to be designed. Then they get imported into CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software.

In turn, CAM software generates a series of Cartesian coordinates and converts them into a programming language instruction.

The standard language for programming is ISO code or G-code. It is these codes that allow fine control of a manufacturing machine.

What is the Best Software?

The right CNC software for another person may be different for you. It takes some evaluation to know the right software for your needs.

Most CNC mechanists look for the right CNC software. There are numerous software programs in the CNC sector, which come with good features and at an affordable price.

The best CNC software should also be easy to use. It should have the capability of growing with users. For instance, beginners may need a software program, which is easy to use and learn.

But as they progress and learn with their software, they might have the capability of going beyond just designing basic parts. So a software program, which is simple and creates complex projects, is important. Good examples of the best CNC software may include the following:

  • Easel
  • Carbide Create
  • Fusion 360
  • Inkscape
  • UGS
  • LinuxCNC
  • CNCjs
  • PlanetCNC
  • Choosing Software for CNC Machining

    Although you might be tempted to shop by price, it is important to resist this temptation. You may find a lot of free software options. Though some have limited functionality, while others have low-quality documentation.

    A good software program should come with important tutorials to teach you programs. Avoid buying an industry-standard software program because it requires you to invest a lot of money.

    For a start, focus on choosing something simple to use. Typically, it should take you around six weeks to know the ins and outs of a software program. Plus, you might want to choose something, which comes with all the features you’re looking for.

    Why Get a CNC Software Program

    Using CNC software has simplified the entire process of machining. All the operator needs to do these days is to specify what they want to do, and a software program is going to convert it to codes or programming language.

    Whether you are a medium, large, or small-sized business, CNC software comes in handy. Like most shops, you can turn to CNC automation to quickly make a profit and stay lean. Some of the benefits that a good CNC software program will offer you may include the following:

    • Streamline CNC programming workflow
    • Enhance part manufacturing capabilities
    • Elimination of waste and costly errors

    The Bottom Line!

    CNC machines have changed how the manufacturing process is done. And the methods and solutions used for programming these machines have dramatically evolved, one being software. So if you haven’t adopted software, then it is high time you do that.