5 Unexpected Things Cutting Tools Can Engrave

Engraving images and lettering is an old technique that has been around for centuries in creating artwork, sculptures, architecture, religious icons, jewelry, and even coins. The main reason that modern engraving technology is becoming a popular technique is that it achieves intended details with high precision. Modern engraving techniques using computerized cutting tools like CNC machines and software have opened new doors to artists who can quickly create more detailed and complex designs. Using various materials, including metal, glass, stone, plastics, or wood, you can cut out intricate designs from your materials with just one push of a button. Below are five unexpected things your cutting tool can help you create.

1.   Engraving Images, Names on Watches

Watches are a common item people buy and wear. They come in many shapes and sizes, making them a unique gift. When you buy your watch, or you want to gift someone with one, you can engrave it on the back with the person’s name and date of purchase or birthday, or any other symbol. You can also engrave it on the side if you prefer that placement.

A CNC machine with reliable software like the Easel CNC Software is excellent for engraving watches and other small items in delicate and precise details. With just three simple steps, you can achieve this with high precision every time.

2.   Engraving Wine Glasses with Custom Logo

Engraving wine glasses with a custom logo is a great way to make your event memorable. You can engrave wine glasses with logos, initials, quotes, or any other text you want. You need to use a CNC machine for high precision and quality results for glass engraving. The process is relatively straightforward: CNC software can translate your design into the correct coordinates.

Then the CNC machine will move the cutting tool per those coordinates. That means you can create complex, customized, detailed, and easily readable designs. And the best part? These engraved wine glasses make perfect gifts! After all, what says I love you better than a personalized gift you’ve just made for them?

3.   Engraved Customized Pet Tags and Portraits

Personalized pet tags are a great way to personalize your furry loved one. You can engrave their name and phone number on the tag, so someone can help them return home quickly if they ever get lost. Plus, you can personalize the tag with a fun saying to make them stand out in the crowd! Whether you want to create its image or company logo, it’s easy to achieve with reliable CNC software.

These engraved pet tags are perfect for pampering any animal lover! An animal-engraved portrait is a beautiful addition to any space. You can hang dog portraits as artwork, while cat portraits look adorable on an office desk. A custom portrait of your favorite animal is sure to make anyone happy.

4.   Personalized Poker Chips

CNC machines can help enhance your creativity and bring it into reality. You don’t need to be an expert to create unique items with these machines. You only need a design, the right cutting tools, and the time. Fuzzy dice are an excellent idea for those that are always on the go. They come in various colors, so you can find one that best matches your personality and then use the CNC machine to engrave what you want on them.

For example, if someone is always drinking coffee, they can engrave coffee rules onto the fuzzy dice or maybe something like ” I love my dog! You can also engrave text onto small picture frames to make custom gifts for friends and family members. The possibilities are endless when using this versatile tool!

5.   Personalizing Awards and Toys

Personalized awards are perfect for a company looking to reward its employees while giving them something they can cherish. Personalized toys are a great way to build up the inventory of your toy store by creating an entirely new section of the store with items that customers will love and remember. With a CNC machine operating with reliable CNC software, you can engrave nearly any type of material, including wood, plastic, aluminum, brass, or copper.

The machine can create complex designs, lettering, images, and more with simple steps in the design process. You’ll be able to personalize trophies, medallions, plaques, gifts, and much more! Imagine how excited the kids will be when they see their personalized presents on Christmas morning! The results are accurate, professional, and aesthetically pleasing.


Engraving is a unique skill that many people admire. While most carvers carve wood, engraving is possible on most materials, including glass, stone, and even metal, with the suitable CNC machine and software. A CNC machine will work out even the most intricate details without much human input. That way, you can reduce errors, especially if your project has tight tolerances or a lot of detail. Even with small objects or parts that are challenging to handle manually, CNC machining provides options for creating detailed and intricate designs. In other words, as long as you have access to a CNC machine, software, and CNC router, there’s no limit to what you can create or engrave.

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